Horae.no is a Norwegian website focusing mainly on high-end watches, but also other relevant news and stories from the exciting world of watches. We write reviews, news, opinions and educational articles and are also present at several social media platforms. Unfortunately our content is only available in Norwegian at the moment!

Our main focus is the Norwegian watch market and collectors market, but we also publish international news and stories. We publish news, thoughts and hands-on tests on a regular basis and are also featured on Instagram and Facebook.

For any inquiries or questions, please contact us through e-mail, admin@horae.no.

About our name
In Greek mythology, the Horae were the goddesses of seasons and the natural portions of time. The changing of the seasons and the time that passes by is often symbolically described as the dance of the Horae.


Jørgen Erdahl
Passionately interested in watches and the work that goes into creating the mechanical masterpieces. An avid watch collector for many years, member of the Watchstars jury and former editor on several websites focusing on lifestyle and travel. Writes news, reviews, and thoughts about the Norwegian watch market.

Rune S. Rabben
Rune has a great interest in nature, photography, and watches. Preferably all at once. He is passionate about a brands history and the story of the mechanical movement of watches and contributes with articles in all categories.



Stein Edvardsen
Guest writer
Writer that focuses a lot on special and non-mainstream watches. Have a certain love for the beater and thus loves a watch that has seen some action and contains a certain amount of battle scars.


Administrative accounts

Horae Editors
The official account for publishing of news and other relevant information about Horae.no. The account is used by several persons. Also, certain guest writers will have their articles published by this account.


Former contributers

Barbro Erdahl
Guest writer

Marcus Lien Gundersen
Graphics and design

Horae.no is owned and administrated by ERDAHL MEDIA (Org. 922 287 929 MVA)

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