Jørgen Erdahl - The Watch Warden of the North

Jørgen is a watch journalist based in the arctic part of Norway – hence the nickname «The Watch Warden of the North» gifted by a fellow watch enthusiast during SIHH 2018. He is currently a Senior Editor at Norways biggest and most respected watch website – Tidssonen.no – as well as a long time contributor to several other watch publications.

Jørgen has been a passionate watch enthusiast for many years. He was a long time editor and writer on subjects including lifestyle and travel, before he decided to focus on watches and started to publish stories, news and reviews on his own website – Horae.no – in 2017. 

At the same time he started contributing to other print and online watch magazines in Norway.

Jørgen has been interviewed and featured in WatchTime, Uhren-Magazine, VG/E24, Finansavisen as well as several other national publications and newspapers. His direct style of writing, honest opinions and knowledge about the Norwegian watch community has made him among the most respected watch journalists in Norway today.

His photographs has been featured on social media accounts such as Vacheron Constantin (official), Watches by SJX, Bruvik Fine Timepieces, Langepedia, Langenation, dailywatch, syn.chronus and petiteseconde.

– Senior Editor – Tidssonen.no (2020 – present)
– Contributing Editor – TheWatch.no (2021 – present)
– Jury member of Watchstars  (2017-2018)
– Featured in German “UHREN-MAGAZIN” and the international “WatchTime” magazine (2018)
– Contributing Editor – Basic & Basic Magazine (2017 – 2020)
– Founder of Norwegian watch website Horae.no (2017)

Photo portfolio - Watches

About Horae

The website was launched in 2017 as a website for watch reviews, news and articles, focusing on the Norwegian market. It was active for three years, before a collaboration with Tidssonen.no was signed in January 2020. The website has since acted as a portfolio for watch journalist Jørgen Erdahl.

In Greek mythology, the Horae were the goddesses of seasons and the natural portions of time. The changing of the seasons and the time that passes by is often symbolically described as the dance of the Horae.


Former contributers
Rune S. Rabben

Stein Edvardsen
Guest writer

Barbro Erdahl
Guest writer

Marcus Lien Gundersen
Graphics and design

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